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South Fork Furniture of Liberty, KY, is an established, family owned & operated furniture business for over twenty-five years. Nestled among the hills of central Kentucky, where farms dot the landscape and horses are still used for farming. While driving to South Fork Furniture you will meet horse and buggies on the small winding roads and enjoy the quietness of the countryside.

Here is where you can shop for quality handcrafted furniture made in small family-owned wood shops by Amish Craftsman. 

South Fork Furniture has recently built and opened a new facility.  It boasts of a 7000 sq. ft. showroom that is generously stocked with ALL handcrafted pieces - Made in the USA!  Our goal is to have the best quality for the most reasonable price.

Besides the Amish Handcrafted Furniture you will also find Amish made chime clocks, rugs, baskets, swings & other lawn furniture, Howard Miller & Rhythm clocks, locally made candles, wind-chimes, kerosene lamps and lots of gift items. 

South Fork Furniture is a definite "Must See"!   We look forward to your visit to our store.


  • Open 9am - 5pm Monday
  • Closed Tuesday
  • Open 9am - 5pm Wednesday
  • Open 9am - 5pm Thursday
  • Open 9am - 5pm Friday
  • Open 9am - 5pm Saturday
  • Closed Sunday

We have a wide variety of bedroom, dining room

living room & office furniture.  All Amish hand crafted.

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